Sunday, May 29, 2011

And GOD created penis..

After creating
heaven and earth
animals and plants
seas and mountains ,
God created man
in his own image
with eyes and ears
head and foot
exactly like him.
And Adam asked GOD
''what is this
and what is this for GOD?''
GOD grimaced at the thing
he was holding
but said ''that is penis
you dig women with that''
Adam asked ''what is a woman?''
then He had to create woman
from his rib bone
and said with a long sigh

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nobody is here....

Here is a man of whom
nobody knows anything 
except that he also lived 
on this earth where dogs and worms 
                            also lived 
if we can call them lived 

That is me the nobody 
nobody's buddy 
when I see into life 
I dont see flowers or butterflies 
in my desolate garden 

Sunlight passes me over 
moonlight recognize me not 
rivers go deserts already 
when I reach them 

I see misery everywhere 
mirrored in everything 
I see and touch 
smell and feel 

whenever  I look into my mirror 
I see a face 
furrowed with lines of care and wear 
hunted and haunted by 
the greatest beast of prey 
we ever know as LIFE..

When i go to places 
they ask me who I am 
and I say I am nobody 
comes to you as nobody 
knowing nobody
known by nobody
and they say they don't know 
anybody named nobody 
so  I must really be a nobody 
and they say when we don't name  a thing 
we don't see that thing
we dont see a thing
we don't know that thing

 I say to them 
yea it is hard to see a nobody 
unless you are a nobody also 

And then they shut their doors 
and let me die....

Monday, August 30, 2010


Let us keep this silence in it's nest
We always want to break the eggs of  existence
Before it is ripe
Pry open the doors of life
And open the doors of privacy

We are perennial voyeurs
And knows not the difference  between
     nudity and nakedness
But wear the glasses of beauty
Which clothes everything with a pretty mist
Makes everything it sees a fountain of beauty
Otherwise how we would have loved
   the things we have loved?

Let the door of life a little be closed to us
Otherwise we would  fall straight
  into the world of decay and death
Because that is what lies beneath really.

And if you lift the veil  prematurely
All of a sudden you may find
The angel you are living with
Is a vampire in disguise

And what matters if you love the vampire
   And the vampire loves you back?
The moment it knows that you know
She stops smiling at you
   Her fangs come out

Thats why the Hindus say
Kali is the mother as well as a destroyer
She is the beauty and the beast

Keep the things as they are
As they always have been
Do you know we are all empty space
If probed toomuch?


Open this lid not 
Lest you find the beast...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It could have been poetry

1.The rain is like a clock
Wakes up some old memories
Buried deep under the dusts of time
Hiding in our soul
Just a touch away

2.I am never lonely
My illness
Always a loyal companion
Even will come unto my death..

3.Women always give you
What they don't have
Never gives what they really have..

4.Love at the bazaar
Attractive discounts
But ofcourse conditions apply..

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who the hell is God anyway?

when they fuck
God comes
And waits  outside
to get in 
shivering in the rain ..
Seeing there is no respite
from the frosty winds
And the moans of orgasms
From the daughter  of Eve
He goes away ..
And I go to them
''Hey you missed God
just a kiss  short''
And they said
''Fuck him off..
He is no longer needed..''


hai,I am just getting into these waters..wait some more time for me